French Sinologist, Consultant based in China, since 1999 . Currently, for ACN WORLDWIDE & CTRIP

Born in Saint-Malo (FRANCE)
Accredited in China since 1999

As a free-lance consultant, Sylvie is dedicating more & more of her time to find opportunities to build bridges (in many fields) between China & the rest of the world.

From her base – Shanghai, Sylvie Levey has already organized with her large network, several tailor made programs for global companies, helping them to start with or to improve their business in China, building bridges between PRC and Foreign CEO: SNI (ONA) - the powerful private Conglomerate in Morocco; AFM (Association Familial Mulliez) in France; BEAUMANOIR & CARREFOUR via Shanghai; MOLEAC in Singapore, as – currently, for CTRIP & their new program “Shopping Chic with Ctrip” which will be launched June,1.

Levey’s background is as a journalist and filmmaker. She has been living and working in China (in more than 20 different provinces) for the past 14 years. As a Sinologist, Sylvie has directed a number of documentaries mainly focusing on social issues for France 2, France 3 and ARTE, among others. They won awards, and have been broadcasted in different languages all over the world.

“Shanghai Waiting for Paradise” – her last 92 minutes story, filmed by herself over a 5 year period, portrays three generations under one roof in the city of Shanghai where the whole world met for the World Expo 2010, suddenly confronted by the imminent demolition of their home...

Her experience abroad started with an early education in the USA, at Ridgecrest Burroughs High School (California). Then, she got a scholarship in Taiwan, at the Mandarin Daily News Language Center of Taipei. Returning to Paris, she graduated from LANGUES O, studying Chinese and Foreign Diplomacy.

Started working as a journalist at AITV (France), she interviewed some main Asian actors of History: Benazir Bhutto, Rajiv Gandhi,Li Lanqing, Qian Qichen, Cory Aquino, Prince Sihanouk, Lian Zhan, etc...

Then, for 2 years, she was hired by the News Foreign Department of the French public channel FRANCE 3. In addition, she went to several countries in the Far East (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, and so on..) as a free-lance reporter, covering economical issues.